Sport4Kids Health & Safety Risk Assessment (Core - Covid-19)

This Health & Safety Risk Assessment should be completed prior to the arrival of families and the commencement of S4K classes.

Potential Activity Hazards

What are the risks or hazards involved?

Potential risks or hazards include…

  • Limited Space:  As class ratio decreases, the size of the space needs to be taken into consideration.
  • Weather:  Bad weather can lead to slippery surfaces when outside.
  • Signs of Covid-19: Child or parent showing signs of coronavirus.
  • Parents not staying in the area: Parent keep stepping into session and not staying inside area or coming in contact with others.
  • 2 metre distancing: Children and parents are not sticking to rules of 2 metre distancing.
  • Temperature:  Cold or hot temperatures can lead to children feeling unhappy and disengaged. 
  • Secure perimeter:  A perimeter is needed to make sure that children remain within the playing area. 

    • Equipment condition:  All Sport4Kids equipment must be cleaned before and after use in cleaning area, also check for wear and tear

    To address the potential risks or hazards…

    • Limited Space:  Ensure that the coach is familiar with the lesson plans and able to adapt them to different sized playing areas.   
    • Weather:  Coach to determine slipperiness of the surface after rainfall or ice and decide whether to carry out the class indoors and adapt to a smaller area. If sunny then children to have sun cream, hats, water bottles filled up.   
    • Signs of Covid-19: Remove parent and their child from the session and recommend they follow government guidelines.
    • Parents not staying in the area: Remind parent to keep to area. If parent keeps breaking area rules, then venue manager to remove parent from session.
    • 2 metre distancing: Remind both parent and child about keeping 2m distance.
    • Temperature:  Children should be wrapped up in coats, hats and scarves as appropriate for weather conditions if outside and dressed appropriately if inside. 
    • Secure Perimeter:  Coach to ensure that a perimeter is set up so that children cannot endanger themselves by leaving the play area during the session.   
  •  Equipment Condition:  All Sport4Kids equipment should be health and safety checked prior to the beginning of a nursery activity

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Health and Safety Risk Assessment (Core)
Name of Venue:
Slipping & Tripping:
Are all steps, floor surfaces, floor coverings in good, sound condition, free of slipping or tripping hazards? Are all access paths to the venue clean and free from slipping and tripping hazards? Are all access ramps and stairs to the venue provided with handrails?
Is all equipment supplied by Sport4Kids well maintained and safe to use? Is no equipment other than that supplied by Sport4Kids available for use at the venue? Are five aside goals and other fixings secured or removed from hall?
Work Equipment (Hygiene Box):
Is the hygiene box present? Is all the equipment fully sanitised?
Are all Entrance and Exits clearly singed?
Is the lining up area 2m apart?
Is the parent seating 2m apart?
Is the Medical area set up correctly?
Is the Registration area correctly set up? Is the hand wash equipment set up?
Venue Fixtures & Fittings (including glazing and electrical)
Is glazing in a good condition and protected where necessary? Are all transparent surfaces e.g. glass doors, large windows etc clearly marked? Are all visible items of the fixed electrical installation e.g. sockets, switches etc free from any obvious signs of damage? Are all other relevant venue fixtures and fittings considered secure and safe?
Are there any new or previously undetected major fire hazards? Are any minor potential fire hazards identified and highlighted to guardians where necessary? Are the location of all venue specific fire safety procedures and equipment identified? Are all escape routes and exits free from obstruction and marked? Are all fire exit doors fully operational?
Fire (from flammable materials):
Manual Handling:
No new or previously undetected major risk to Health and Safety through manual handling of equipment or facilities?
No new or previously undetected major risk to Health and Safety through excessive noise levels?
No new or previously undetected major risk to Health and Safety from poor lighting at the venue? Are light fittings suitable and reasonably protected against impact?
No new or previously undetected major risk to Health and Safety through unacceptably maximum or minimum tempatures? Is a thermometer available to allow temperatures to be detected? Are all radiators and/or pipework protected or are they a ?low heat? emission type? Is the hot water available at the venue at a suitable temperature and without the risk of scalding?
Other Hazard(s):
Are other recognised hazards from venue risk assessment controlled?
Procedure for a venue failing any question on the Health and Safety checklist
1. Hazard(s) to be immediately reported to venue management for immediate mitigation / removal 2. Sport4Kids employees to take all possible and safe actions to reduce the risk of any hazards 3. Contact Head Office immediately and decide whether or not to run the affect session(s)
Further Actions Taken:
Name of person(s) who conducted the check:
I can confirm that this form has been filled out to the best of my ability/knowledge.