Windsor May Half Term 2018 Football Camp Booking

Welcome to the Trevelyan Middle School Football Camp!  Our players take part in our specialist football camp that is designed in line with our bespoke S4K Academy Player Pathway.  The camp hosts activities and drills that are designed to enhance each area of our Player Pathway, with focused time spent on...

+ Control

+ Passing

+ Finishing

+ Tactics & Game Management

+ Dribbling

+ Heading

+ ...and more!

Our specialist S4K Football Camp will be running during May Half Term 2018 from 0800-1800.  

At the end of the week, players receive an assessment carried out by our S4K Coaching Team and are awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold standard for their performance at camp.  We guarantee that every child will leave having improved their football skill and with a big smile on their face!

*Please note that we are only able to accept children aged 5 years and older at our camp*


£32 per day

5% Sibling Discount use code SIBLING

10% S4K Member Discount use code S4KMEMBER

"S4K understand football development.  It's more than just running drills and putting players through exercises.  They understand children and how they think, which means they get through to them. " - Windsor


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